Relaxation Techniques In the Workplace

relaxation techniques

Go for a lunchtime walk: Increase circulation and boost your immune system. Active people reduce their risk of depression and increase the feeling of productivity.

Keep a journal: Log your ideas, write inspirations from a mentor and keep focus on your goals. Journaling allows you to envision your future and capture moments of gratitude in your busy day.

Meditate: Disconnect from technology and slow down your mind. Be present in the moment! A few minutes of relaxation can reset you for the rest of your day.

Stretch: Keep blood and nutrients flowing to your muscles and throughout your work day. Step away from your computer and decrease aches and pains with simple stretches.

Get organized: A tidy office promotes a feeling of well being. Boost your morale by taking a few minutes to organize your work space.

Deep Breathing: Be aware of your breath and increase the supply of oxygen to your brain. Quiet breathing adds focus and allows you to visualize relaxation and accomplishing your tasks.

Laugh: Bring your body back into balance with a good laugh! Lighten your burdens and connect with others.

Engage your senses: Sight, sound, touch, taste and smell are all important aspects to incorporate into your daily routine. Find time to acknowledge the power of each sense.

Tense, hold then relax muscles : Focus on tensing one muscle and relaxing all the rest at the same time. Example contract your abs, clench your fist or squeeze your toes.

Get a plant: Bring a friendly touch to your workspace and make your workspace more comfortable. Plants help you keep a global perspective and keep the environment on your mind.

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